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Dr. Yvonne Kaye's specialties are varied. She is a powerhouse of energy and laughter, believing humor is the best medicine.  She is human service's/spiritual healing's answer to Erma Bombeck.  One of  her mentor's, Dr. Seuss, inspires her constantly to create groups and training for women who have no idea of their incredible potential.  Most of them live according to what they think others want from them.  Dr. Kaye encourages them on their own journey of fulfilling dreams and passion.  

Very down to earth in her philosophy, Yvonne uses her own life experiences/adventures to create options for women to pursue their abundance without forgetting to live.  Her primary mentor, Dr. Viktor Frankl, taught her how to live well after survival.  Other mentors include Dr. Elisabeth-Kubler Ross and Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of Hospice.

Dr. Kaye is especially effective as a keynote speaker.  Her eclectic approach appeals to all professional, corporate, healing arts and all people who want to be in positive energy.  She has presented at prestigious institutions such as The United Nations, International Cable and Wireless, Pharmaceutical Companies, Schools, Colleges and Universities  with particular emphasis on the support staff as she is aware of the strength and necessity of including all support staff.

Dr. Kaye is featured in Marquis' Who's Who of American Women and doesn't know why!  She is an ordained Interfaith Minister through the New Seminary in New York City.  She serves on the medical board of Gilda's Club, Bucks/Montco and the Advisory Board of the Parents of Murdered Children in Montgomery County.  She is a frequent presenter to The Compassionate Friends and Children and Youth of Bucks County.  She is the recipient of the prestigious Matty Muir Award from Victims Services for work with victims of violence and the annual vigil.  She has received many humanitarian awards and loves being known as a Women's Advocate.